Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fall Catch Up

Fall 2013 was so good to us and it's a shame I never blogged about it.
Drew needs to know how much fun we had the first few months of her life. So in an attempt to help her reminisce(years from now!) and for your enjoyment of course, I give you a succession of catch up post.
Dear Drew, 
In October of 2013, your daddy and I took two trips away without you. I was in a wedding for your Aunt Savvy one weekend and the other, your dad and I took a mountain trip with your Aunt Jenny and Uncle Bryan. Let me tell you, leaving you for Savvy's wedding was my first time away and I had a ball chatting with other mommy friends and sipping one(or two) glasses of wine. I did not, however, enjoy missing you, and true to Kirbey form, I worried the whole time. 
Your Aunt Savvy was a beautiful bride. You will hear me talk about her often enough, but we love her so much and treasure what a beauty she is inside and out. One day, Drew, you will have a friend like Savvy who you trade clothes with and share all of your ups and downs. She will be a good listener and won't fuss at you when she finds you're the one who's been holding onto her favorite shirt that she's been looking for.
I enjoyed making new friends at Savvy's wedding weekend. Colleen, a new mom too, and Jessica(Birdie) is my new favorite. It's important to make new friends, Drew. I remember from Girl Scouts the old tune "make new friends but keep the old. one is silver, the other is gold." The tune rings true my sentiments for new friends. The Lord puts people in your life to teach you more about yourself and to show you how much room you have in your heart to love others. Love lots of people, Drew. 
(#ilovebirdie #whatshouldihashtagthis #birdieontheblog)
I sent this to your dad.
He was like, "Oh yea! Lookin good!"
Mommy is friends with Pocahontas hair. Why can't we all have hair this great?
 Goodness, it was fun to catch up with LC. This was mommy's first friend in college. First roomie, first friend in the sorority. We love her too and we hope one day she will live closer so you can have some play dates with her little girl, Olivia.
 I had the best time getting out of my pajamas and getting dressed up for such a fun wedding.
 I love these girls!

Proof that in my second month of motherhood, I totally let my stresses go, and for a night, albeit brief, didn't act like a mommy. 
I take that back.
Moms can be silly too, right?
Sometimes in the hustle and chaos of this new life, I catch myself in the mirror and wonder if I genuinely smiled at all in a day.(Of course, I always smile at you! It's hard not to.) I need to slow down and breathe. Remember that this time flies by and I CAN thoroughly enjoy each moment, whether the house is clean, the laundry is done, I'm running late(again), or not.
I hope you enjoyed this Drew. By the time you can read and appreciate this I will have more wrinkles.
Your Mama

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's been awhile!

Goodness, where does the time go?
It's already February. I bet you're wondering if we ever got Drew to smile for her Christmas pictures since that is where I left off. We have had an eventful past two months. Between the holidays and finding the perfect place for our sweet girl while we are at work, the months have flown by.
 I am seriously partial to this sweet face. 
 What a ham we have on our hands. Oh, and do you see those toes? She has MY toes. Not her daddy's. Not that that would be any better, buutttt... Let's just say, I drew the short stick in toes and poor Drew bear may have too. Our big toes could feed a small army.
Drew the Christmas elf with her sassy reindeer doll. Mom and I went to the Classy Cricket before Christmas and scooped up a few fun decorations and things for Drew. I swear, I could live in that shop. I thought this little ice skater reindeer doll was silly and so did Drew. 

I plan to do a catch up blog post in the next day since I have plenty of time being "iced" in!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Pictures

We TRIED to take Christmas pictures of Drew today. She wasn't having it. After keeping quiet through this morning's church service and wanting to come home and nap.. she was not happy to change outfits and put on another bow. So of course, there is no bow on her head in these pictures.
When I put a bow on your head and you pitch a fit about it, it makes your daddy mad. He gets all flustered and says "Ohh, take it off her head! She doesn't like it! I'm sorry Drew. Your mama is just trying to make you mad." I am not Drew. I just want you to look like the little girl you are. You won't remember the aggravating bows anyway.

This is the best we got. I think you're pretty stinking adorable, but without a bow on that pretty little head, we can't send this out on a Christmas card. I admit, I'm picky. That and the sun is in your eyes. We tried. We will try again.
Not having it!

3 Months

Drew Bear is 3 months old.
You have decided as of recent that you love your babies, or your "lovies" as we call them. You have a small army of blanket animal lovies that you were given from friends and we pull one out to surprise you with every week. You love to rub them against your face and put them in your mouth. Your dad and I get the biggest kick out of seeing you play with them.
You have the best squeals. We took you Black Friday shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We thought you were napping in your stroller and were surprised and tickled when we heard you squealing from your seat. We decided this must mean you love shoes as we were in the shoe department.
You have the funniest faces and you are so incredibly expressive. Christmas is so soon and I can tell you for certain... You are by far the best Christmas gift in the world. You are the gift that keeps on giving. Every day that I wake up to your smiling, sometimes crying(!) face, it's like Christmas.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Month by Month with Drew

1 month
 This booger is growing so fast.
2 months
Uh, I am obsessed with her sweet little face.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Honesty on Motherhood

Drew's first two weeks of life were the hardest of mine. Can I say that?
I want to be real. I have read so many blogs about motherhood and not one that I have read described what I experienced. Of course, everyone has different experiences and everyone says the first few weeks are hard. Hard was one way to describe it. I went into my first day of motherhood blissfully unaware of what was to come when I left the hospital.
Our first night home Drew cried and cried and cried. It is an awful feeling to listen to all of that crying and have no way to help! I battled awful thoughts in my head those first two weeks. I'll never sleep again. I'll never please this baby. I'll never snuggle Andy again unless someone comes over to watch the baby. I'll never have Friday night date night again! I'll never feel normal again.
These thoughts were all so unrealistic, I know! The good news is, those things were not true.
The bad news is, babies do not come with a manual. They don't come with words either, just cries.
 I was convinced, absolutely convinced I had a colicky baby. For a while there I did. For those of you out there with colicky babies or with fear of what to do if you have one, call me. I will be your coach. I will rock your baby for you and I will remind you that it will not last forever!
I tried hard to breast feed but after two weeks of Drew's life we discovered that I wasn't making enough milk. Like, not even an ounce enough! Drew was starving, hence the endless crying. By her third week of life Drew was on milk based formula, but we soon discovered she was allergic to milk protein. More crying. Acid reflux, more crying. We finally found the trick though. Hypoallergenic formula and Zantac and Drew is a happier baby.
My first few weeks of motherhood were filled with tears. I literally think I cried every day. I was so overwhelmed and I felt helpless. I want to remember the hard parts because I know I will have to reminisce with Drew one day when she has her own baby. I can tell her, "I wanted to jump out a window your first week of life, hang in there!!" My advice to friends or anyone having a baby is to take all of the help you can get. If your mother in law offers to come rock the baby at 4am, let her.  Seriously. So many pregnancy magazines I read said to trust your instincts and ignore the extra voices. To some extent that may be true, but for me, I needed every bit of advice and opinions thrown at me. My mom's, grandma's, and friends all had something valuable to tell me every time I had a question about Drew.
I want to thank you ladies. What would I do without you? Drew thanks you too.
The day we took these pictures, I debated all morning calling Jessica and telling her to forget it. Drew had cried all morning. When Jessica got there with her camera, Drew was crying. I tried what I could to calm her down, but nothing seemed to work. We tried giving her a bottle, but that only lasted a minute. Jessica offered that we go outside. Andy ended up taking Drew from me and walking through the yard with her. She calmed down fast. I think those first few weeks of her life, she felt my tension. That's what all the nurses and mothers told me. I hated that but I didn't feel like I could control it.
Jessica did the most amazing job. She caught Drew's tears as well as the peaceful moments in between. I am so thankful for these pictures and I will never forget the day they were taken. Proof that out of the chaotic moments comes something really wonderful.
I am happy to report that Drew is sleeping, smiling, eating, pooping, and being a happy baby in general!! It took her a few weeks, but she is there! She still cries, and I know that's normal. I love her more than anything and I absolutely love my days with her. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I feel like I've been given the greatest blessing of anyone ever. I hear that's what all mothers say.
Motherhood is so wonderful and crazy that some days I go to bed wondering if I fed Betsy. Poor Betsy. Hopefully she will love Drew. As for now, she just licks her forehead every now and then and sniffs her diaper.
(Look, I am blogging! Two times in one week! Does this qualify me as a mommy blogger??)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Introduction to Drew

Dear Drew,
Oh my goodness. You are here. I am writing this almost three months since your birth. You take up every bit of my days and evenings and the time to write about you has been lost on me! Rest assured though, you will be my favorite thing to write about. Your daddy just got knocked down to second favorite thing to write about. Sorry Papa Broome.
One day I will write all about the day you entered this world, (August 23rd- the most wonderful day in the world!) but today I just want to introduce you to this little blog space.
 Drew Bear is your nickname and was from day one when we brought your tiny 6lb 15oz, 21 in long, read headed, darling self home. When we brought you home on August 25th, I was scared of you. I am serious when I say that. I didn't know what to do with you. You were so small and fragile and I was truly worried to even change your clothes without hurting your teeny little arms and legs. No worries though my girl, my favorite thing to do now is change you. This is two part though.. Of course I like to dress you up because you are My little girl. Also though, you love to get undressed and to be naked! You are a squirmy, smiling little bear when we have to change your diaper or get you dressed.
You are a noisy little thing. We brought you home from the hospital and you cried. You cried for days, even weeks. One day I will write about all of the reasons why you cried when you were first born, like being hungry and having milk allergies, but that is for later. Now though, my girl, you cry because you are strong willed. You want your way right this minute. Get the bottle in your mouth before you lose your voice from screaming so loud. I have a feeling this is something me and your dad will be saying heavy prayers for in raising you. Some say this is what I get for having a red head. I say I will take you any way. You are perfect even in your temper and crying. Your tears give me tears and your cry startles my most assured self, leaving me feeling more vulnerable than I ever knew I could be. Yet I wonder how my world existed before I heard your piercing cry.
I could look at you all the days long. You are the most beautiful little girl in the world. I know I'm not the first mother to ever say that, but oh my gosh, it is true. There was never a prettier girl than you.  My prayer will always be though that your heart is what makes you shine. That your love for others is what makes you beautiful inside and out. With the Lord as your Guide and your Rock, you can't go wrong. I promise you that, though some days you may doubt and fear, He will always lead you in the most loving way. Always remember my Drewbear, "We love because He first loved us." 1John4:19 Make it your mission sweet girl, to love everyone, and I promise your heart will be forever transforming in the best of ways.
Your dad is becoming your favorite. He comes home from work and no matter what I say he rubs his grizzly beard on your face and smothers you in kisses. Lucky girl you are. Your dad has a soft spot for one little red head in his life and you are it. Your dad is one hard working guy. He works late hours and has to travel a lot, and oh how he misses you when he is away. He says, "you won't believe how different Drew looks after being gone!" He has big plans for you too. Plans to dress you up in camo and put you in a deer stand. He has dreams of putting you on a deep sea fishing boat one day too, and oh my Drew, that may be the happiest day of his life when it comes. You see, your dad is a fisherman at heart. He's not a safety guy or a hunter, those are just facades. He is truly a fisherman and one day he will tell you some stories about reeling in the biggest of fish. Fish that are bigger than you are or may ever be!
We love you oh so much. We didn't even know it was possible.
Welcome to the blog Drew! I promise to tell as many of your stories in this little web space as I can. I promise to tell embarrassing poop stories too. Of course, it is only because I Love You!