Thursday, September 11, 2014

Typical Thursday

 Tonight, we had field peas for dinner. Drew wasn't interested. Dinner time is hit or miss these days.
 I told her if she ate her peas she could have a Halloween Oreo. How's that for an attitude change?
Really, Drew would be happy if she could just chug a bottle of milk every time she got hungry. Throw a cookie in and she would be good to go. How did my infant develop such an attitude about dinner?
 After field peas, we ride.
 "What do I look like, I can make this thing go myself?" "Give me a push, Ma."
Yep, those are peas on her face. I typically wait till the end of the day when Drew is at her messiest to take her picture. I've got to work on this.
 "Need another push!"
That's Thursday for you. I spared you the pictures of her pooping in the bath tub. You're welcome. And thank you Mr. Broome for cleaning it up!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


  Drew is walking.
She's talking too. Dada is still the first choice word.
Thanks Drew!
 She has been taking steps and walking from chair to chair here and there, but as of yesterday she is walking everywhere. And licking the cat.
 It's actually pretty great. I can put her down and let her walk when my arm needs a rest.
 Walking does not mean a new found focus though. Keeping her from walking off the porch or walking over the cat still makes mama's arms tired.

 I decided I couldn't keep the booger bare foot anymore. She hasn't previously enjoyed shoes when I tried to put them on her. In the past, shoes were a catalyst for a melt down!

 All of a sudden in the last day, she loves her shoes! 
Babies, they change every day.
 Her teacher said she walked around her class all day and kindly thanked me for putting shoes on her. She may be the last one in her class to wear shoes.

 What else can Drew wear to help her tackle new tricks?
Can we get her lipstick if she will scream for mama?!
Drew Doodles,
We love you all there is. You amaze us every day. You are the most fun little girl that ever was.
Your Mama

Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Labor Day Weekend

 We are headed to Weedowee for the long weekend.

The princess and her wagon will be in tow. 

Hope you all have the best weekend!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Favorites

Image via: Dolly and Fife
This weeks favorite things found on instagram:
1. This instagrammer/photographer. I want to live a day in some of these pictures. They are magical!
2. Drew needs one of these dolls.
3. #shereadstruth is my favorite new Bible study on the go.
5. I have a crush on this top!
5. My new favorite place to shop. (An Anthropologie feel minus the price!) 
I got this dress for Drew's birthday from Shop Cissie. Love it!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Birthday Morning

Drew doodles turned 1 on Saturday.
 To start her special day off, we ballooned her crib. It's safe to say she loved it. 
We sang "Happy Birthday" to her for the first time.
 Drew wet through her diaper over night which led to a ballooned bath.
 What's better than a regular bath??
A birthday bath!
We took Drew to Jerry's Country Kitchen for breakfast where she had her first pancake. All in all it was a special morning to start her big day. Our baby is seeming more and more like a little girl every day. Time please slow down!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Before and After

When we moved into our house back in November of 2012, we weren't in it for a month before we discovered I was pregnant. With pregnancy came morning sickness and a few months of total laziness. Eventually, feeling better, my first and only project was the nursery
Now that we have been here almost two years(!) it's time to make this house feel more like home. With my Aunt Ruthanne's direction, we updated our kitchen "nook." My Aunt has an amazing talent in interior design and should start her own business. I wish I had a picture book of the homes she has built, renovated, and decorated. I was so excited when she agreed to help me put this room together with a few simple changes.
 This is our kitchen "nook." Our kitchen is one large open area and this part of the room faces our island and cabinets. I wanted this part of the room to feel warm and inviting as a place to sit and talk while cooking dinner and having friends over.
Obviously, this room was thrown together with mismatched pieces of furniture and the previous owner's curtains still hanging! Don't even look in the den to the left. We're working on that too.
Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! We used Sherman Williams "Oyster White." 
The paint made all the difference in the world, but we needed some window treatments and a seating area.
Alas, curtains! I learned a good bit in the process that I will stick in my back pocket as I move on through each room. One thing being, that curtains are hung to the ceiling, not directly on top of the window seal.
 So you can see there is a kitchen table/dining area to the right and a could be cozy seating area to the left.
Voila! This is the most recent update of the space. Drew doodles is enjoying reading throwing her books at her kid table. The darling wooden table belonged to Andy and his sister when they were little and I thought it was the perfect addition. The chairs are slip covered which will be good for the sticky fingers that will be brushing them so often. This space is already so cozy and fun. I cooked dinner tonight while watching Drew play on her hippo and crawl along each chair. We still need to pick some art work to flank each side of the big window and change up the rug.
 Lastly, we updated the chandelier. Of course, I never knew we needed a new chandelier. I was fine with the previous one. My aunt insisted that we change it up and she was spot on. In addition to being interior savvy, my aunt can also hunt a good deal. This chandelier was an absolute steal.
A lesson learned in this process.. while making new home purchases like furniture or light fixtures, place the old pieces from your home on Craigslist. It doesn't hurt to see if you get a bite on something you're not using, and that's money for your home budget!
Here is Drew doodles and daddy enjoying reading a book in their new space.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tiny Prints First Birthday Invitations

Drew's first birthday party invitations arrived last week. Goodness, they are perfect!
We are throwing Drew a Popsicle pool party as a celebration of her sweet loving, swimming self. With school starting and summer coming to an end, I can't wait to have one last hurrah at Drew's favorite spot for her big day.
The invitations are A+ in quality and style. I decided to go with a "summer party invite" and turn it into a "first birthday invite." It was as easy as could be. I just told Tiny Prints what I wanted the invitation to say and where I wanted Drew's pictures to go and they did all of the work!
 I still had the photo card look on the back which is my favorite, of course.
 Who doesn't want to see those chubba cheeks in their mail box??
And what is a Popsicle pool party without a Popsicle "bikini!" This swimsuit looks rather small for my baby girl. Would you believe it is a size 18 month?? She's not even a year! What can I say, my baby loves meal time. And snack time. And cheerio, cheese, chicken, and ice cream time.
I am thrilled with these super adorable invitations! 
(Invitations c/o Tiny Prints)